Ballycotton Cliff Walk

I live within 20 minutes drive time of Ballycotton in East Cork and I go there regularly to walk along the cliffs. It’s an easy route, there is a path all the way, and for a bit of undemanding exercise and fresh air it’s hard to beat. I usually walk as far as the headland beyond Ballytrasna – about 2.75 kms  – and back again and this takes about 75 minutes.

You can walk further as far as Ballyandreen – another 0.75 kms –  and either return whence you came or via the road back to the village. The former is the better option – for the views – unless you are one of those walkers who prefers a circular route.

To get there drive all the way through Ballycotton village. As you near the port stay on the main road – it veers up to the right – and continue all the way to the end where there is a car park next to the beginning of the walk. There’s a sign there with illustrations of the bird life to be found in the area (click on any of the photos for full size) :




One of the several stiles on the walk. They are there to prevent livestock from straying on to the path.



Ballytrasna. The headland in the distance is my destination.



An old lifebuoy at Ballytrasna. A modern one has recently been erected next to it.


The view east from the headland with Ballycotton Island in the distance.



On the return journey.


As you near the end of the walk there is a path down to “Paradise”, the name given to a popular swimming area in summer. The steps down are narrow and precipitous and most of the hand rail has long since disappeared. Be very careful or, if you dislike heights, avoid.



A note on the photography: camera used was the Sony RX100, a little pocket marvel. All photos were shot in RAW and processed in Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop CS6.

4 thoughts on “Ballycotton Cliff Walk

  1. It’s a great walk John. I did it last year on a trip to Ballymaloe. Your post reminds me that we must go back. Enjoy the long weekend.

    Kind regards


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  2. John, Also – can you recommend a spot to sit and look at the water that is close to a parking spot? Thank you! Helen

    • Hi Helen. Yes, there is a parking spot right next to the start of the walk and it is ideal for a person with limited walking ability to savour part of the route as it is on the level. The same place is perfect just to sit and look at the sea and the island. When you drive in to the village go all the way to the end of the road – as you near the harbour area one road leads down to the port and the other, to the right, leads on to the cliff walk. Drive all the way on the latter to the very end. You can’t miss it. There isn’t a map of the walk but it is very straightforward. Enjoy! Regards, John.

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