Bad Photos of Irish Properties For Sale

Updated 11th March, 2015 is Ireland’s biggest property site and it’s a valuable resource for anyone thinking of buying or renting property. You can browse through images of houses, apartments and commercial premises from all around the country, images that have been uploaded by auctioneers and estate agents.

I would love to say that the photographs have all been well-taken – properly lit, in focus and well composed – but, alas, that is not so in a frighteningly large number of cases (if a quick browse through a random sample of properties is anything to go by).

Which prompts the question: why, if you are an auctioneer/estate agent, do you not ensure that properties are presented in the best possible way so as to entice prospective buyers/renters?

It is not good enough to use a 10-year-old compact camera to fire off a few out-of-focus shots and hope for the best. Get a proper photographer to do the premises justice. He/she will know how to expose properly for even the darkest of rooms, will be able to use artificial lighting to best effect, and will compose both interior and exterior shots so that the final images will enhance and flatter. Of course, many acutioneers/estate agents do just that, as their photographs show. But as for others ….



It’s a no-no to have people in property photos (unless they are being sold with the house – the listing in this instance made no mention of it).


The unmade bed look is not a good look (unless you are Tracy Emin and are pitching this for inclusion in the Tate Modern collection.)


How difficult would it have been to (a) move the vehicles out of view and (b) get rid of the clutter on the chairs?


Not the most attractive of kitchens even without the clutter but why photograph it in this condition?


Bad lighting, bad angle …. bad EVERYTHING.


Another pesky reflection-in-the-mirror situation.


Ever wake up in the morning with the feeling that you’ve been riding all night? (Not a bad photo – just bad taste on the part of the occupier.)


Unless the doggie is going with the property he/she should have been omitted.


Another wonky angle,  camera shake, reflection in the mirror classic.


Because one thing prospective purchasers want to see is the contents of the current owner’s fridge.

Mayo Impressionist

From County Mayo, another property photographer going for the impressionist look. Very artistic.

Mayo 2

It would have taken only two minutes to tidy the room and get rid of the clutter.


Yet more clutter. Why photograph the room in this state?


How untidy can you get?


Property photography 101 – keep humans out of the pictures!


Yet another stray dude.


And another one.


Is it a ghost?


Check out the figure on the wall. Creepy!


I can’t blame the photographer for not tidying this up. There’s a limit to what he/she can be expected to do.


I have no idea what this is supposed to be.


The conservatory with rubbish bags is not a good look.


Another photographer who went for the impressionist look. It references Van Gogh’s “Chair” nicely, don’t you think?


Darn mirrors. If only there was a way to shoot an interior without getting your (and the occupant’s) reflection in the photo. (Hint: hire a proper photographer.)


Badly lit and taken at a resolution totally unsuitable for uploading at this size. It may have looked OK (ish) on that cheap 2MP compact you bought 15 years ago but really, what *were* you thinking when you published this?


Nice white van. I presume though that you meant to show the room?


Aimed at buyers with chronic myopia, perhaps? It will look just like this in reality to them.


Ugh. Another tiny resolution image enlarged far beyond its limits. And having a vehicle in the drive is a big no-no –  people are interested in buying the house, not the car.


This might be a winner in a photo competition for dark, moody interiors. As a photo designed to sell a house it’s crap.


Oh dear. This will never feature in The House Beautiful magazine. If the owner/renter couldn’t be arsed to tidy the place up before you arrived get him/her to do it before you take a photo. Or, tidy the damn place yourself. Don’t show this kind of thing to the nation.


Did you even stop to think that maybe, just maybe, the inclusion of the ironing board might not have been the best compositional idea? Re-positioning the stools should also have been a no-brainer. Pity too about the dark spot in the foreground which the built-in flash couldn’t illuminate.


The unmade-bed-and-untidy-room is not a good look.


The occupiers clearly didn’t give a damn about how the place looked. Your job is to make it look somehow half-decent for the camera.


Did you not have your rubber gloves with you to pick up the dirty towel? An essential item in any property photographer’s arsenal. There’s a lot more wrong with this shot but the towel grabs our attention.  


Ireland’s answer to the Leaning Tower of Pisa?


Poorly lit and the toilet seats in property photos should *never* be up.


Another out-of-focus disaster.


This property should be of interest to those keen to investigate psychic phenomena – that bright spot on the lower right may be evidence of an apparition.


Ah, look – Compo and Nora Batty on the telly! Tip: switch off TVs when photographing rooms.


Cast A Giant Shadow was a good 1966 film starring Kirk Douglas and Senta Berger. This is a bad photograph.


Not a bad self-portrait, dude. What’s it doing on a property website?


Shower units are usually presented in the vertical position.  And is that a reflection of your hand holding the camera?


This might have been a contender were it not for the lack of sharp focus, the uneven lighting and the blue car outside the window.


Another photographer-in-the-picture situation.


From the  black-hole-of-Calcutta school of property photography. Ain’t never going to be a success.


I presume you inadvertently clicked the shutter while looking at something else.  There can be not other explanation. But why post it?


Too many toilet rolls.


Would it have killed you to remove the clothes from the banisters before taking the photo?


Not a great photo but it would have been significantly improved had you removed the bucket and brush.

Sadly, these kind of photos are not uncommon on property websites. Apparently there’s a lot worse out there. A Twitter contact of mine says he saw a photo of a room with a guy sitting watching telly!  I would love to see such examples so if you come across any please drop me a line: